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Custom Shaped Name Tags and Custom Name Badges

Why be ordinary? Custom shaped name tags can make your brand stand out from the rest. Show your innovativeness and creativity by letting us design a totally unique shape name tag for your company or organization.

All of our custom shaped name tags are constructed of plastic material. We laser etch the cutout shapes so even fairly intricate shapes are easy to fabricate. We then imprint your design one of two ways.

If you choose and engravable material then we laser etch your special design into the surface. This yields a two color name tag, with a surface color and letter color. We have a wide variety of colors available – click here to see those selections.

If we print a graphic with a variety of colors then we digitally imprint the badges. This process transfers the color into the surface of the badge. The color durability is quite good and the image is fairly scratch resistant. Fine line detail is reproduced fairly well and the color clarity is stunning. The only drawback of digital printing is we do not guarantee 100% color matching, we can only approximate colors but the results are quite good.

One of the greatest things about our custom shaped name tags is the fact that you may purchase as few as 5 badges to start your order – and we do not have a minimum on reorders.

Features of Custom Shaped Name Tags

  • Small initial order quantity
  • Most shapes are easily fabricated
  • Unique colors and designs are easily imprinted in full color
  • Durable plastic with scratch resistant surface
  • Quick production and shipping

So stand out from the crowd and purchase one of our custom shaped name tags or badges.

Tooth shaped dental name tag Pink arrow custom shaped name tag Anchor shaped name tag Gold engraved custom shaped name tag
Custom shaped turtle name badge Custom shaped name tag for a dental practice Gold badge name tag
Silver crown name tag or badge Sorority key shaped name tag Custom shaped pet paw name tag
Quatrafoil shaped name tag or badge
Price Includes - Any Size - Up to 3 Lines and Logo!

Quantity 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+
Pin Back
$6.79 $6.24 $5.89 Call
Magnetic Backing
$8.79 $8.24 $7.89 Call

10 pc. Minimum Order
New Logo/Shape $50
No Set Up Fees on Reorders
Price is per tag.

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How to standout in a crowd.

We all want to standout in a crowd, especially if you are in sales. A simple name tag can help build name and brand recognition for you and the company you work for.

How many name tags have you seen, 1"x3" - white background with black letters? BORING! A name tag is an extension of your companies' image. How about a full color logo name tag with a company logo and your name in bright bold text? How about a custom shape? What about a nice badge frame to give your image that professional look?

Say you sell houses, what about a house shaped name tag. That way even the casual observer will notice your tag and at least know you have something to do with homes. What if you work in a dental office? How about a tooth shaped name tag. Plumber? How about a wrench shaped name badge? Just take a minute to think how a custom shape will separate you from the rest of your competition.

Color is also one of the most important elements in good name tag design. Of course if you have company colors you need to stay in those color realms but think of all the possibilities to integrate color in your badge design.

Size does matter. The larger the tag the more information and color you can use to tell people about your company and the services you offer.

Size - Color and Shape all play a major role in how your name tag depicts you and your company. So the next time you need a name badge don't settle for ordinary - let us design something extraordinary .

If you have questions about this article or how we can help you please give us a call. We love to hear from customer - especially future customers!

If you have any questions about our Custom Shaped Name Tags & Name Badges, contact us today.